UPDATE: 0.0.3 released to fix saving directory problem and note that you have to close firefox to open downloaded file!

FirePuddle Alpha (0.0.2) Release Notes

10 September 2005

This a HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL release which may crash and no doubt contains a few bugs. The purpose of this release is to demonstrate the progress of this project. It should not be used for any important downloads!

If you are unsure, please wait till the beta releases.


When specifying destination directory, please specify a empty directory. If any file with the same name as torrent exists, it will get overridden!

Do not cancel anything ever. It doesn't work!

Multi-file torrents are unsupported

Opening multiple torrents is probably a bad idea

Known issues

The downloads are unstoppable. If you cancel, it'll still be running in the background until you close firefox. If it finishes, it will continue seeding, until firefox closes.

The torrent prompt dialog sometimes get stuck open.

The torrent stalls after long periods.

Download speeds are sloowww.

Torrent capturing do not work for all torrent sites. In that case, copy the URL and manually run it. See second point in How to use (below).

If the tracker is broken, firefox will probably crash.

There is practically no resuming across sessions. Again, don't download anything important with it!

You have to close firefox to open downloaded file!

How to use

There are two ways to start downloading:

1) Navigate to the torrent site of your choice and click on a torrent. Follow the prompts.

2) Click Tools, Open BitTorrent File and enter the address of the Torrent. Please don't put anything other than a URI/URL!


Firefox 1.5 BETA 1 (deer park beta 1) for WINDOWS is required to run this extension.

If you get file not found, please wait an hour or so and try again.


Have fun.